Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 US Trip Part II – Japan Photo blog

From what I recently shared here, my itinerary for my 2nd US visit last March was crazy. I had 2 lay-overs for a total of 20 hours going to Seattle. Nabaliw na ako kakaaliw sa sarili ko. lol. I will let the pictures show you how it went and how I managed to keep myself busy for 8 freakin’ hours at my first stop: Chūbu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan!


I don’t like Delta airlines that much because the plane is small and cramped compared to Hawaiian Airlines.


Window seat – not a good idea if you’re on a 3-seater. I had to wake these 2 pax up for like 3 times so I can go to the lavatory. Their eyes when they look at me shouts I hate you. haha


Breakfast – Mechado, Steamed bokchoy, mixed fruit and chocolate muffin. It was ok.


After 3 hours and 45 mins  ( ganun lang pala kabilis makarating ng Japan no? Parang Manila-Bataan lang? ).. Nagoya! It was my first time to step into Japanese grounds.


First stop at the Airport: The bathroom. It was clean but the interior look is old. Look at the 2 types of toilet. One is easy but I will never ever use and the other one is the “normal” toilet but gets complicated with all the buttons. I think it took me 2 mins to look for the “flush”.


The stores at the airport don’t accept US dollars or any other currency so you have to exchange it for yen.


All of the stores at the airport are too sosyal. So it was definitely a shopping-less stay.


Another hard part is choosing what to eat. Good thing they have pictures. I was doing a lot of hand gestures pointing to this and that.


Food! Walang kamatayang Starbucks when I got there then an Authentic Katsudon few hours before my next flight! It was truly delicious.


This is not a busy airport, that I can say. I didn’t mind and It was actually fun because I was camwhoring all day long. lol


Why do they have too many buttons on their machines???? Is it really that complicated?


Wi-fi kept me sane. Oh and also gazing at people and checking out how they dress. Smile 


After 8 hours of walking back and forth ( it wasn’t a huge airport ) and constant update of my Facebook profile, We were finally ready to board for our next stop: Hawaii!!!!!


Coming up next!

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