Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 US trip Part III – Beautiful Hawaii! (another photo blog)

Ok, the title might be too general since I only explored the Honolulu International  Airport ( for the 2nd time now and this time, I explored for 12 hours! ) but hey.. it’s still Hawaii and it’s still breezy and beautiful!
There are tons of things to love about this airport..  my favorite is the part where it’s open-air with a view of the beautiful garden. There’s also a LOT of Filipinos working in the airport too and I actually met and had lunch and made lots of kwento with one of them ( pic below ). This is a huge and busy airport and it has everything you need inside, from restaurants to souvenir/retail stores to atm machines even post office and insurance companies!
and yet again, my first stop is the bathroom. and yes, the picture screams a very loud OLD and DIRTY. This is the only “fail” of HNL Airport in my opinion.
Saw this on one of their free magazines. Lani Misalucha Live in Waikiki! Cool!
Bought this ref magnet in a souvenir store inside the airport for $5. Cuteness!

You do not need air-conditioning in Honolulu. Weather that day is perfect.
Shops, shops, shops!
I told you, the garden at the center of the airport is soo pretty.
My lunch, CPK Pizza. 12-hrs in the airport was just enough to finish all these slices.
This is Manong Bob, the Filipino staff I was telling you about. He is so mabait and generous. We talked a lot about Manila since he haven’t been home for like 15 years na yata. He treated me dinner ( beef and broccoli was soo good ). he even gave me $40 before we parted ways so I can buy pasalubong daw and even when I refused like a hundred times na, he insisted! haha Thank you Mang Bob! May Best in Generosity medal po kayo sakin! Smile 
Roamed outside when I got bored. Outside as in sa paligid lang talaga ng airport at ni hindi ako lumiko kung saan saan bec I was afraid I might get lost! lol. Look at the bottom right picture, it’s even more beautiful in person.
saw this at the lobby.. nice!
scary underpass if you want to cross the street from the airport.

     waiting for my Seattle flight.
It was a 12-hour well spent. I hope to see you again soon Honolulu!
Next post: Finally, photo blog of my 1 week stay in Washington. I’ll try to summarize it thru pictures, I guess a two part photo blog would do.. or maybe three. Smile

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