Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 US Trip Part I– Prepping

I was invited by our client to attend this year’s Microsoft Hosting Summit at Bellevue, WA to present in front of the members of our Microsoft and SPLA Reseller team. Sosyal dba. Ang ganda sa pandinig – Cereer na career! lol

Prepping for the trip was actually CRAZY. The conference was a 3-day event from Mar-27-29 and my manager only asked me to go during the 2nd or 3rd week of Feb. Kalerki. Parang I only had like less than a month (minus weekends) to renew my Visa since my first one back in 2010 was valid for only 3 mos. Well I guess I was really meant to be on that trip because I was able to schedule an appointment one week before my supposed/target departure, got approved for a Visa on a Tuesday, got my passport back with 10 YEARs VISA validity on a Friday. Yep, I can go back and forth the US now for the next 10 years.. yun eh as long as company paid. Smile So my manager immediately booked the flight on that same day. And since they wanted me to fly out on Sunday ( remember I got the Visa on Fri ) the flight were immensely expensive. As in. Almost 4 months worth of my salary na yata yun e. At eto ang pinakawinner jan… the itinerary my manager got me, he said was the cheapest !Take a look…


Sorry for the blurred pic. Here was the flight info: From Manila to Nagoya - 3hr 45mn flight with 8 1/1 hours of layover. Nagoya to Honolulu- 7hr 50mn flight with 12 hours and 10 mins of layover. Then finally from Honolulu to Seattle which is a 5hr 39mn flight.

SO ito na talaga ang pinakaCheap? Walang ibang choice? I was so pissed when I saw this itinerary because I will be travelling alone and I didn’t know what to do in the airport to kill time during those exagerrated long hours. Pero at the end.. naexcite na din ako. haha. I get to go to JAPAN! Kahit man lang ba hangin sa airport ng Japan, winner na! lol.

And since my new visa doesn’t have any annotation in it, I was confident to roam outside the Honolulu airport. As in sa paligid lang ito ha kasi baka kung san ako mapadpad. Para naman makasanghap din ng hangin sa Hawaii. Smile

Up next: My 8-hour Japan experience! Watch out for it! Japan Japan!


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