Friday, June 15, 2012

VOID watches


I love wearing watches. When I was in the the US.. I bought like 3 watches all at the same time so I can mix and match it with whatever I’m wearing for the day.. but just a few weeks ago.. my fave white xoxo that I usually wear almost everyday ( bec it’s white and it matches all of my outfits! ) got damaged! so sad.

But hey.. on the brighter side… I learned that Apples and Dumplings is giving away VOID watches! It’s the first time I heard of VOID Watches and when I looked at the website… awww… it was love at first sight. JUST LOOK AT THIS ONE..


Too damn pretty, Dba??? That’s my fave. Learn more about VOID watches here an here. Lots of really fab designs, promise!

So if you’re a watch lover like me… head over to Apples and Dumplings’ site and join!

Gora na!

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