Friday, June 8, 2012

in 60-90 days….


I started gaining a  LOT of weight when I had a PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Cyst ) in 2010. Although I’ve never been sooo thin ( as much as I wanted to! ) even during my younger days but I definitely wasn’t overweight. Back then, I can wear whatever I want, in any color, size or style. I had the guts to wear super duper mini skirts and sleeveless tops. PCOS changed it all. I needed to take pills for a couple of months and that was the beginning of my never-ending nightmare *sniff*. Some say that there are certain pills which will make you gain weight, and unfortunately, the one I had to take was one of them.

Since then, It’s been hard for me to lose these “baby fats”. ( Yes, I still believe all these flabs all over me are just baby fats that will go away soon lol ). Albeit the fact that we have all the gym equipment (c/o Rj) we/I  need at home, it still doesn’t give me the urge and especially the energy specially since I work at night and had to do chores when I get home in the morning.

But these past months, I’ve been wanting to gain back that confidence within me. It’s not that I am embarrassed of my 135-140 lbs weight.. I am not.. ( believe me, makapal ang mukha ko and I’ve always felt beautiful hahaha ), It’s just that when I look at my closet, I want to wear again those small/medium sized tops that I have, those 26-27 sized pants sitting lonely in my closet these past years. Panting when walking fast/running should stop. I want to be comfortable again with whatever I wear and not spend all day in the mall looking for the “right one”. Wear just a plain white top and jeans and feel so damn pretty. But most importantly,  I‘ve been wanting to quit all the bad habits and be healthy for myself, my family and future kiddos. Smile 

I am so driven to finally making this happen. I want this so bad and I will do this. I am praying that the old “mamaya na” habits wont come back.

Today, this is me…


( taken 2 1/2 months ago at Bellevue, WA )

In 60-90 days… you’ll see.. goodbye 30 lbs! bwahahahahhaahhahaha * wink*


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