Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Recap

So before I post my long delayed Christmas and New Year stories ( I know I’ve been a very irresponsible blogger again lately! ), I first want to look back at the past year and share with you a pictography of the not-so-boring trek I’ve walked through in 2011..

Spent the first day of the year at my parents house in Laguna with Rj and the kids ( plus Rj's youngest Brother, David ). Ang lulungkot ng mga boys? nalugi sa mga ampao? LOL

Also Welcomed my 2 new babies this year!Rj and I during our summer company outing in April. We only hit the beach once all throughout 2011... and 2010!!!
I’m really hoping to cut the habit and spend more time and money for relaxation this year.
This is a must!

Well, this one is certainly a fun relaxing day at the pool during our annual family day out! Take note that the family members in the
picture is just 1/8 of the clan. Yes, I have a really BIG but really Happy Family. More more more in 2012!

I must say that this is the best part of my 2011.
Taken during our surprise Father’s Day and Birthday celebrations of our parents.
I love this day. Click here to read more.

During a special visit of the very funky and groovy Tita Madonna ( lady in green ). She is the mother of Rj’s brother-in-law who along with Rj’s sister is based in France.This was also a celebration of Angie's 25th Birthday.

A Sad and Happy Day. This was taken during my Kuyas’ ( in red shirt ) despedida. Sad because he left for Thailand to
Work but Happy that he was given a chance to earn moreand be a good provider for his family. We all miss him specially my niece and
nephew, CJ and didik! Didik: Mis to na dadi to! :)

Don’t you simply adore this cute little bochog baby? Taken during my very adorable nephew, Johan Matthew’s 1st Birthday
at where else, Jollibee!
Obvious naman na nagenjoy ang bagets dba?

O sya baka sawa na kayo sa pictures. That's just some of my happenings in 2011, sana mas marami at mas exciting in 2012.

At last I can share na our Christmas and New Years Happenings! It would look like a food blog for sure! Watch out for it!

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