Wednesday, June 22, 2011


When we initially planned to surprise my mom and dad to celebrate their upcoming birthdays ( and Fathers’ day ), I thought we won’t make it without saying a word because we’re not really good in keeping those kind of secrets ( specially me, hehe ) . . so I still can’t believe that for the entire 2 weeks of our preparation, no one said a word about it and we were all able to keep our mouth shut ( along with our Tita Ne, mom’s eldest sister, as a kuntsaba ). 

We were supposed to celebrate it at my parent’s house in Laguna, but my mom and her sisters needed to talk about something important and decided to meet up in Festival Mall Alabang so we then decided to just celebrate it at Max’s Restaurant ( which is my dad’s fave ). I got a little emotional when I saw how surprised my parents were to see all 6 of us children complete ( which now very seldom happens  ) with their 4 apo’s in tow. The madramang reunion of Cassandra and Cedric to Papa and Loli was very heartfelt and still makes my heart melt.

Seeing my parents’ joyful faces makes me realize how much more surprises I want to give them, how much more I want to provide for them and give everything they need, how I want to make their everyday as happy and as relaxing as that day was, and just spend more quality time with them. But since they are used to me breaking almost all of my promises …. I’ll just DO what I can and will lessen the I PROMISE part of it.

So there, our first ever Surprise party was a success! Many more to come!

Happy Birthday Papa and Mama! I wish both of you good health, much much more blessings and longer life!!! Love you both!

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