Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wood Rat Loves the Water Dragon

Ok, so just one more hirit post before I share with you my Christmas and New Year stories..

So 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. I was born in 1984 which makes me a Wood Rat. I am not a great believer of Astrology, Horoscopes and specially manghuhula in Quiapo, but who wouldn’t be inspired naman when I read what’s in store for me daw this year ayon sa mga stars, planets, constellations or whatever..

See for yourself at manginig kayo sa inggit.. bwahaha..

Wow. The Water Dragon is so good for you, it even makes the Horse month favorable! And, yes, this could be one of your best years. There are probably only two ways you can mess it up: Sit it out and accomplish nothing memorable, or try to outdo the outlandish Dragon. Sure, this is a great time to take risks, but come on! You know the Dragon may be lucky, but it also crashes and burns more than most signs. Know you can walk away from the table a winner -- and this year, that applies to just about every area of your life. Anything to do with communication, networking or travel could lead you to your heart's desire. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Fly with the Dragon and make your dreams come true!

O napaka-inspiring dba? If this is true, then ako na! Ako na ang maswerteng daga ngayong taon na ito! But of course, I want to reiterate na hindi ako paniwalain sa mga ganitong hula. I won’t for sure waste all my time and energy all year believing na mangyayari nga ang lahat ng to. I still agree, that you if you work hard, pray hard and set your goals hard, achieve na achieve lahat ng gugustuhin ko!

Someone also told me na if I let my plans heard, then I’ll be forced to do it and work harder for it. Kaya nga I want to put this in writing and share with everyone para someone will remind me and keep track of me all year long, paki batukan na lang ako pag unti unti na kong nakakalimot..

· I want to travel. I was supposed to go to Cebu for a 4-day vacation but for some unfortunate reasons, hindi natuloy. I also booked a flight to IloIlo last year, hindi rin natuloy. This 2012, I would really work hard to get a least one week off from work to go out-of-town. It is a must and no one can stop me!

· I want to earn more. I love my job and I love how people trust and believe in what I can do. I’ve been earning a lot and getting great monetary and material incentives at work but I want more because I have bigger plans this year so meaning work work
and work harder pa! Go!

· I want to spoil myself. So I was talking about bigger plans this year. Bigger plans means bigger purchases. Hehe. I rarely spoil myself. Nanghihinayang kasi ako sa money. Well this time, it should change. It doesn’t mean naman that I’ll be madamot, it’s
just that I want to reward myself more. Travelling, getting a really good and sturdy Digital SLR to learn photography, pampering myself with monthly SPA visits, spoiling myself with good shoes and bags are just some of what I want for the year. Simple things a woman needs, wouldn’t you agree?

· I want to spend more time with Family. It’s been years since our last out-of-town trip as a family, I can’t even remember
when. This year, I would really love to have a great vacation with my parents and siblings along with Rj and the kids. Bagiuo na to! Ipon ipon muna mga sisters, for sure sagot natin ang gastos! haha

· I want to SAVE SAVE SAVE up for the future. 2012 marks my 6th year as a working girl and 6 years with zero savings. I am definitely not proud of it but I want to change it and now should be the beginning. I want to save up for a car or maybe down payment for a house or for Zsanine’s College Education ( she’s graduating from high school in SY 12). There are lot of things to save up for and I certainly don’t want to die poor. Haha.

· I want to lose weight. Need I say more? This has been part of my yearly goals and resolutions. I promise that this year, I will be sexier. Itaga niyo yan kung san niyo man gusto!

So there. Those are just few of my goals this year, madaming madami pa yan pero baka naman sabihin ambisyosa ko masyado.. Basta ang alam ko, I’m owning 2012. Feel ne feel ko ang success this year not because it says on my horoscope, but simply because I am decided. This is it!

How about you guys? Let your goals be heard!

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