Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday is Transformers day!

We don't usually go out to watch a movie, unless the movie is really really good and whenever people make chismis about how good to watch it in a moviehouse (syempre maiinggit ka dba)! And ofcourse transformers is an exemption! It's the last of the sequel so it would be worth to watch it in the big screen. It wouldn't be fun to buy a dvd pirated copy like what we've been used to,(oops to mtrcb hehe ) even if it means sitting comfortably at the couch with popcorn,pizza and cold soda. The 3d effects wouldn't be that good for sure kht pa sobrang clear ng copy ng dvd. Watching it in the Big screen with people laughing and oooh-ing and wow-ing with you is the best way to go!

So i look forward to a movie date with rj and the kids on sunday!
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