Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am a bag lover.. although i wish to buy more expensive designer bags, my finances ( and my boyfriend ) definitely say "no-no".. :(

I buy bags everywhere.. from brochures offered in the office, Sm department Stores and boutiques, Bazaars and even from Ukay Ukay! And just a few days ago I saw this really pretty Handmade Leather satchel given by his hubby for Topaz Horizon. The best part is, Frances (the pretty lady behind Topaz Horizon ) is making it a biz! Yey! I immediately emailed Frances and really thankful to get a response from her right away! Frances was really nice and honest enough to give all the details of the satchel, from it's yet imperfections like the tanning of the leather which she says makes it look uneven ( which i guess I like ) so she's still working on it but has 4 designs lined up already! Frances also swore that the bag is not at all expensive... what more can you ask for????? Oh i can't wait for her next email to get the price!

Really pretty and chic huh?!

With all the stress I've gone through at work these past weeks and big big decisions I had to make, it definitely makes me deserving to get this bag!

If you are interested, feel free to email Frances at to order!

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