Monday, April 18, 2011

US Trip

Just After 10 days of posting my last blog ( not bad! i dont really consider "uggh" as an entry), here are just some (among the hundred) of the pics i took during my US Visit..

- Mama and Papa dropped me off at the airport teary eyed.. akala mo naman taon akong mawawala hahaha

- while waiting for our Hawaiian Airline flight.. natawa ko sa shorts ni 50+ yrs old ale... hindi kaya sya lamigin sa eroplano?? haha

- We had a one hour lay over at honolulu and here's what we ate for lunch at the plane.. akala ko makakaiwas na ko sa adobo.. hindi rin pala.. haha

- i think i already told you the story how we ended up eating cup noodles on our first night???? Bring your ID all the time!

- Stayed in a 2 bedroom Suite at Residence Inn by Mariott

- the next day right after work ( oo nagtrabaho din ako dun at hindi naglamyerda lang :) ) all i wanted and all i can think of is to go to a VS Shop.. Luckily.. our hotel is just beside Redmond Town Center ( mall ) that has a VS shop! This is heaven!!!

- Shannon ( who is my closest and one of my fave people on earth ) was generous enough to give us an all day seattle tour.. This is a pic of the very famous Space Needle ( have you watched Sleepless in Seattle? ).. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go up the space needle because of the loooong line and its kinda expensive...but just by looking at it and the main fact that you're there.. its priceless...

- one of my fave pics of all.. we arrived just in time of the start of Fall season.. look at how the leaves turns yellow.. it's beautiful..

- at the very first Starbucks ever built..

- no one on earth doesn't love TARGET!!! i want to build a house beside it!!!

- those who are familiar with the Fish Philosophy will love this pic!!!! I saw the same guys in the video!!! and some of them are really gwapo! and guess what.. THEY LET ME CATCH A FISH! AND I DID CATCH THE FISH 3 TIMES IN ROW!! WHOOHOO! shannon has the video so i have to get it from her and post it here next time!

- walked around the really pretty scenery of UW ( Univ of Wa ) on a Sunday Morning..

- and lastly, the main reason of my visit, the CSG Hosting Team, the team I love and cherish and people who've become really true friends even if we're thousand miles away..

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