Friday, April 22, 2011


Today marks the 4th year of our relationship. Remembering 4 years ago when you were still soo much head over heels in love with me and forced me to say "yes".. haha.. 4 years ago I remember sitting at the Northgate Park, waiting for what you have to say even if you were always lost for words, hearing you stutter whenever you say " i love you"..i remember our constant movie dates, our 1:1 inuman sessions at Samurai and how you often glimpse at my station and ask Ej to let me sit beside you because I was your lucky charm..:)

It's been 4 years and things have changed. No more stammering, we seldom have movie dates or inuman sessions and most of the time you dont want me to sit beside you because you say I'm malas.. haha.. but i like it just the way it is. Im thankful for everything you've done and for all that you will still do for me.. We're not the usual sweet couple that they will encounter, but during our Buddy and Sol moments before going to bed, during those times that we're alone, you never failed to show me and shower me with your love. Thank you for always reminding me that if the time comes that we fall out of love.. just wait and don't ever give up, as we both believe that friendship is a strong foundation and only for that reason, love will always pave it's way back .. Thank you and i love you. Happy 4th Anniversary. :)

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