Friday, April 8, 2011

Start Anew

The last time i wrote an entry on this blog was 9 months ago ( Yes, 9 mos and that was my first entry ever ). If only this blogsite can speak, it will for sure loathe me.
Taking care of the family, my job, my new dogs ( venus and mars - they are adorable! ) took up all my time and totally forgot the promise i made to myself to get serious about writing.

But today, I am renewing my vows to this blog. I Promise (oh boy!) to spend all the etxra time i have to keep this up to date , put all my happy (and sometimes sad) thoughts into writing, and just have faith in myself that i can keep up to this promise this time! :)

So where do i start? Since 2011 has started ( 4 months ago lol ).. i want to go back time and reminisce one of the most unforgettable moment of 2010 ( or i could say my whole life ) very first ( hope not the last! ) visit to the United States..

Trip to the US

Oh this defintely made my 2010 really memorable! I will always be thankful and lucky to be given a once in a lifetime chance to visit the US of A! There's a lot to say and pictures to share which i guess i should put in another entry, but here are some of the reasons why I'm wishing, praying and hoping to be back: Visiting our headquarters in Redmond, WA and meeting the GREAT people I work with everyday( who i only get to talk thru IM )in person, getting Id'd when we tried to dine at "Matador" on our very first night - (just so you all know, when going to bars or buying cigaretts in the US, do not forget to bring an ID or passport, they will always ask for one even if you already look older than 21) and ended up eating cup noodles instead haha,getting chills due to the cold weather, Shopping at Target, touring the different cities, get to eat rice only once a day (many thanks to Residence Inn by Marriott for our complimentary breakfast which includes rice), our PG (patay gutom) moment at Claim Jumper, converting each and every dollar I spent into pesos, J Michaels', burgers of Red Robin, visit to the Microsoft Office at Lincoln Square, meeting some great people at MSFT, lunch with Deniz and Juhli, dinner with Paul and Renee ( our clients ), walking around the really pretty scenery of UW (Univ of WA), Friday Night at Fremont, watch football in a bar ( which i only get to see in TV hehe) and a lot lot more. As I've said, I have to do a separate entry for this topic so I could share pictures as well... watch out for that! :)

Okay.. so this I can feel is definitely a good start.. focus focus focus and in no time.. I'll have hundreds of entries and loads of memories to share! YEY!

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