Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Future posts

I'm slowly ( but surely! ) getting all the good vibes to go back to blogging. So dear blog, dont lose your patience on me yet. Hang on cause I'm almost there!

As a token of assurance ( whatever that means lol ).. Here' s what Im thinking of writing about once im 100% back and committed.

1. My US trip - Yes. I was back. omaygad. There's a lot to tell! Just the 30 freakin hours of travel to Seattle for sure would take 2 entire posts! My Nagoya and Honolulu and Seattle stories coming out soon!

2. The Tan Annual Summer Outing - as usual - Food + Laughter = so much Fun!

3. The CSG Annual Summer Outing - COMBER VS BATIX Summer Olympics!

4. Lucky Rat - I mentioned
here how the Wood Rat ( that's me ) loves the Wood Dragon based on the Chinese Astrology. It's just been 4 months since 2012 started and I already have too many proofs that I ( hope it's the same with other Wood Rats out there ) am indeed lukcy this year! More on that soon!

So those are just a few things I'd like to talk about. I am excited! Hope you are too!

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