Monday, August 15, 2011

New Sofa.. coming soon at last!

I wanted a new sofa soooo bad and have been making bulong to Rj non-stop to ask ( or even plead ) his mom if we can have it refurbished or just buy a new one. You see, Rj has been living in this house for sooo long ( 12/13 years I think ) and I’ve been living with him and the kids for almost 4 years now. The house is owned by his mom and step-dad so of course, I rarely make pakialam of the furnitures specially when it comes to changing the color or disposing or refurbishing or whatever. But since we can now afford to finance our kaartehan in making the house prettier.. his mom lets us decide na on things ( Thanks tita! ) so unti unti nang lumalabas ang nagmamaganda at nagfeeling na designer instincts ko at ofcourse hindi na ko nagtumpik tumpik pa at pinuntirya agad ang sofa!

The old sofa was ok.. un nga lang nagbakbak na the leather so kita na ung ibang foam and the bottom has all the ngatngat na of our mababait na alagang mickey mouse. That’s why it was a necessity na to change it. I was the one who chose the color of the leatherette ( ayaw kasi ni rj ng tela, dumihin daw ) that we will use.. I chose dark brown, by the way kasi when you have kids around ( even if they’re 14 and 9 already ) hindi pa rin maiiwasan madumihan ung gamit and it will really make me sooo mad when I see one bit of stain on the new sofa ( feeling OC naman talaga tayo specially when the furniture is new dba?! Kung pwede lang I plastic cover ko gagawin ko para lang hindi madumihan for some time )… so it’s leatherette and it’s dark brown.. Manong, our 70 years old ( oo, 70 na si lolo pero in fairness malakas at malinaw pa ang paningin ) sofa-maker started to demolish ( demolish? Ano toh building?! ) the old sofa and will use some parts of it to build the new one. Exciting!

So now I can’t stop my kiti kiting utak to think of a style that is perfect for us: it should be MODERN, should have ENOUGH SITTING and of course COMFY. SO far, here are the styles that I picked:

( this is supposed to be L-shaped kasi un ang bagay sa house.. it looks soo nice and there’s a mini side table where we can maybe put the phone and a long slim vase and a classic picture frame.. ganda dba? )

( this one naman looks modern and it looks clean kaya lang parang hindi masyadong malambot ang cusion kaya nagdadalawang isip ako )

( this one definitely looks comfy, and since we chose dark brown for our brand new sofa, this makes me imagine how the real sofa would look like )

I find all these 3 pretty naman and met one or two of the standards I’m looking for. What I’m actually thinking is maybe we can incorporate na lang the bits and pieces on each design and apply it on our sofa! Like, the mini side table concept of the 1st one, the length and stylishness of the 2nd and the comfy cushions of the 3rd.. whatcha think? Good idea ba? hmmm.. I’ll try to look for more pa so we have more options.. I’ll post pics of manong demolishing the sofa a little later ( nasa office pa ko eh.. hehe ) …

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