Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet Manong, our 70 yr old Sofa Maker

Hi Fans.. hehehe

That’s Manong, our mabait and masipag na sofa maker. Manong also refurbished the sofa of Tita Josie ( Rj’s mom) and since his works met Tita’s standards, she recommended him to us. Very masipag and malakas pa si manong inspite his age. He said that he’s been in the sofa-making industry since his early 20’s. Imagine.. almost 50 years na syang gumagawa ng mga sofa kaya naman I have high expectations of him! Lagot ka manong, spell P-r-e-s-s-u-re!

Pero since we’re refurbishing 3 pieces of chunky sofas, medyo kawawa naman si manong and he can’t do it alone so his son ( who is also a sofa maker in Saudi.. chochal dba?! ) and his apo are helping him out.

So far, here are the pics of our fab sofa @ works..

Manong and his apo Sorry if you can’t see their faces.. naka focus kasi ako masyado sa sofa. Hehe

looks ugly now I know, but wait ‘til it’s done!

Here’s the dark brown colored leatherette that we will be using. I Love it. I think it fits the color of the wall and the Amorsolo painting.

3 more days to go and I can’t wait to see the finish product! Make me proud Manong!

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