Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why “ My Trek thru Life”?

I named this blog “ My Trek thru Life” and here are just some of the reasons why:

· This can’t be “Lhai the Mommy blog” - Most blogs I am following and avidly
reading are mommy blogs, it’s because I am strongly influenced to blog by my
yet another mommy sister Shirley of lifetimeoftogetherness. I sometimes feel
nga na when the right time comes and I become a mommy myself, I would be sooo
ready na by reading all their mommy stories ( I guess but I don’t think
so).. so when that time comes, I will call this “My trek Thru Mommyland” na..

· This can’t be a beauty blog – I am a woman and I am kikay just like everyone
else in the universe. I strongly believe that all girls are made kikay, as in every
single one of us has our own kakikayan within.. I love reading beauty blogs
just like Beauty for a Living but I am not ( yet ) experimental when it comes to using any kind of products that I am not really familiar of and have been using the same set of products for the past years so making this “ My Trek thru Kikayland” wouldn’t work..

· This can’t be a travel blog – I am an avid reader of Travel footprints and as much as
I want to travel at least 2 or 3 times a year ( locally and internationally ), I just can’t find a suitable time to do it and my finances wouldn’t let me either.. Maybe when the time comes that I can manage my finances better than now ( I hope soon!!! ) ..this will be named “ My Trek thru Traveland”.. can’t wait!

· This can’t be a food blog – I am a big big fan of Casa Venaracion and have been
dying to try some of her recipes myself.. but since I work at night and too
tired to cook when I get home in the morning.. our kasambahay is always on the rescue and do it for me. although I try to cook one or two dishes during weekends or whenever Rj requests his favorite sinigang or adobo made specially by me. So when I find
more time to cook, I will surely blog it and will make this “ My Trek thru Foodland”… sounds yummy already..

· This can’t be a pangkabuhayan blog – Although I’ve been thinking of venturing into a
business soon ( something with low capital start-up ), I am still thinking what
to sell, who to sell it to and where to sell it… and once the planning starts, I will surely share it which will my everyday life sound like “ My trek thru Negosyoland”…

Those are the top 5 reasons why this can’t be a specific blog.. I just write anything and everything I can think of.. anything and everything that I do, think of and imagine everyday! J

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