Saturday, July 30, 2011

Contest: Free LASIK Surgery

I don't get tired of joining contests, even if i really haven't won anything ( YET.. ika nga, habang may buhay may pagasa ), waiting and wondering if I won and imagining what I'll do with the prizes still excites me ( tapos tsaka ako malulugmok sa lungkot kapag hindi pangalan ko ang makita ko). :) But the most recent contest I joined is different, it is quite important and I am really hoping that I'll win this time. I won't benefit from the prize rather I'm doing it for my dad.

So without further ado..

"American Eye Center is giving away ONE FREE LASIK SURGERY to one of my readers. This is completely transferrable. So you can give the gift of seeing to someone you care about. And let’s say you win but you end up not qualified for the surgery (there’s a barrage of tests you have to go through), you can give the chance to someone else. If you want to know more about the procedure and American Eye Center, please follow EyeTweets on Twitter."

So one of the ways to win is to leave a comment on Ms. Daphne's blog and tell your story why you want to win the prize, here's my entry:

"I want this so bad because I am sure that my dad will want it, need it, love it, use it, cherish it and will really really be thankful for it. All I simply want, is for my dad to have a clear vision for him to see how beautiful his grandkids are, to be able to play with them day and night, to run with them, teach them how to bike, teach them how to be a handyman like him. A clear vision for him means more weekends to play tennis, more mornings to (easily ) read the daily newspaper, more surprise celebrations we will throw for him, more chances to be the man-of-all-work he's always been and just more years to see all our happy faces.

It breaks my heart just thinking that one day.. he won't be able to see me, my mom, my siblings, my nephews and niece and my future baby. I am a daddy's girl and that fact is just not acceptable. Winner or not, I know that I will try all my best to save up for whatever surgery he needs for his eyes, I know that it will take me long, but still, I will. But getting it for free NOW, it will for sure be God's will and my dad will then be one lucky man."

Ang drama diba? haha.. pero totoo yan and I really poured my heart out in writing it.. so guys wish me luck! Sana mapasali ako sa 12 contestants and I will need all your likes pag nagkataon!!!

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