Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rj's DIY Project: Part I

When it comes to his gym equipment, Rj has his own DIY ( Do-it-yourself ) projects. This time around, he decided to take down his old speed ball frame and initially planned to buy an Everlast frame from a seller. On our way to the meet up place, we opt to first drop by at this wood shop near our place and looked around. There we saw really good pieces of furniture from wooden doors to wooden bed frames and headboards, wooden chairs, cabinets, console tables and round dining tables. Rj is looking for a round piece of really durable wood and saw the lazy susan laying lazily ( haha ) on top of the dining table, it fits perfectly to the size Rj wanted and really looked sturdy. Lucky us, we were able to buy it separately from the dining table at a really worthy and inexpensive price!

So here’s how the story of this DIY goes…

The bonggang lazy susan...

The wood shop was an old chapel.. eeeeeck.. scary dba? All the manongs made kwento that they sometimes hear someone crying at night..

Now that's a proof that this place was a chapel.. see angels?

manong and manang ( one in orange - yep! she's a lesbian) working on making the lazy susan perfect for the ever OC Rj! :)

Believe it or not, Rj did this ( pagliliha of the lazy susan) too many times. AS IN. I told you he is very very OC. very much.

We went to a Welding Shop for the frame - designed by Rj

Just look at that! Nice dba? Rj totally loves it! And i'm glad that it makes him inspire to go back to his old workout regimen!

So there. That's just the first among the numerous DIYs Rj is creating. Maybe you can share this with your gym lover husbands too!

Pic of Rj playing with his new project coming up really soon!

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